About Me

Raymond Labban

My Artist's Statement

Shepard Fairey-inspired selfie

My creative work falls under four categories: Conceptual design, Graphic design, Web design, and Game design. I believe that when artists create something that represents their inner thoughts and perspectives, their work becomes much more interesting and intriguing. This is why I use each of these different categories to express my inner self in a specific way.

Whenever I do work in Conceptual design, my thoughts start to form, and I use my imagination to bring my visions to fruition. My process involves either drawing on a piece of paper or using my drawing tablet to draw something on my computer. I do this so I can show off my ideas before I turn them into a work of art. I do this whenever I do any form of design whether it’s Graphic, Web, or Game art. I do this beforehand in order to present a foundation for any project I would work on for any of those other three design categories.

If I’m doing work involving Graphic design, more often then not, I’ll use what I create as artwork that I put on a poster, newsletter, or website that I’m working on. What I’ll do is use my imagination to come up with artwork that would correlate with the theme of my project as a whole and elevate the appeal.

If I’m doing work involving Web design, I’m mainly focused on putting all of the information that I can fit on the website while making it appealing to look at. My goal for any website I build is to make each one as crisp as possible.

If I’m doing work involving Game design, I mostly stress about how the game is going to look and feel as a whole. I will make sure that everything fits perfectly with one another. Everything from the art, the graphics, the sound, the music, the script, the dialogue, to the gameplay itself.

That’s everything when it comes to the process of how I create my works of art. I think the reason why this method works for me is because it was just a habit that I fell into. I never wanted to change how I did things. Because of that, I can spend my days creating art that I want to make and put it out for the world to see.

If you want to get into contact with me, follow me on one of my social media profiles. My Linkedin account is the best way to get into contact with me for business purposes. Here are some of my other social media accounts, if you'd like to follow me and keep track of what I'm doing.