RayLab Web Services LLC: About The Company
(History / Mission Statement)

Raymond Labban

The Origins Of RayLab Web Services LLC:

In order to give my career in Web Development and Graphic Design the boost it needs for me to gain more clients, I founded RayLab Web Services LLC and became it's Sole Proprietor. Because of this, I developed a fully programmed website that includes information about my company, my portfolio, and a way to get into contact with me to enlist my freelance services.

I am the webmaster of this website, which means I am in charge of everything about it. My responsibilities include, but aren't limited to, updating the code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python/PHP). I also manage the content and how it looks and is presented.

My workflow process starts with me editing the code in the Atom IDE with the window open on the left half of my screen and the website preview window on the right half of my screen. This way, I can get immediate feedback on my code, and make sure I achieved the desired results. Once I'm satisfied with the edits I made to the source code in Atom IDE, I make the edits public by copying & pasting the new code into my website's repository—for that I use GitHub as the Web Hosting service.

Mission Statement:

"RayLab Web Services blends technical and creative expertise in web development, graphic design, and brand consistency to bring your vision to life. My focus is on delivering personalized, client-driven design solutions that ensure a consistent brand identity and optimal user experiences."

Commercial Pitch:

"Are you looking to bring your vision to life in the digital world? Look no further than RayLab Web Services as your all-in-one solution for blending technical and creative expertise in web development, graphic design, and brand consistency. Contact me today and let's create a digital masterpiece together."

What The Company Prides Itself On:

  1. Optimal user experience
  2. Full experience
  3. Inspire and engage users
  4. Consistent look and feel
  5. Immersing self into your business needs
  6. Personalized service
  7. Client centered design
  8. Brand identity
  9. Staying up to date with industry trends
  10. Meaningful impact for your company