Portfolio: Videos & Animations

Raymond Labban

Animations From Years Of Practice

After Effects Animation Demo

Artist Statement

For this demo, I had to create a video in After Effects where I practiced creating animations.

Moonlight Productions Animation

Artist Statement

When I first started working in After Effects in J465, I had to complete this tutorial. What I did was create a 10 second animation for a made-up production company.

Idea Logo Advertisement Animation

Artist Statement

For this exercise, I was first asked to come up with and design a logo in Illustrator with a 5 minute time limit. The parameters were that the logo had to be related to ideas and lightbulbs. After that, I had to take my logo idea, and evolve it and fit it to an advertisement GIF.

Paper Trail Publishing Logo Animation

Artist Statement

For my Animation Project, I wanted to do my Logo Project justice and create an animation that best represented how I wanted to explain what I was thinking when I initially created the logo and why I made it look like the way that I did.

When I first found out that I had to create an animation for my Logo Project, I knew instantly that I wanted it to have something to do with writing or drawing. I decided to try and make it look like the logo was writing out the name of the made-up publishing company. It would then go back to the beginning and turn back into a regular hand.

Once it would turn back into a hand, the logo would be holding a stack of cash, the dollar bills would fly from the had as to symbolize the wind blowing some of the money away.

For the music and the sound effects, I decided that I wanted simple music, so I went with a simple drum riff. For the sound effects, I just made it so that it sounded like someone was writing, and it also sounded like the dollar bills were moving.