Portfolio: Coding/Programming
(Computer Games)

Raymond Labban

Games Developed For The PC

The Crabs Are Comming

Artist Statement

For this game, the objective is to control the crab on the picnic blanket and eat the sandwiches while avoiding the soda cans that the angry humans are chucking at you.

Mini Python Games

Mini Python Games PNG

Artist Statement

These are minigames/quizzes that I made using Python in the Wing Personal 8 IDE. If you download the code and the Wing Personal 8 IDE, you can play them too!

Cosmic Crusader

Artist Statement

My primary focus for this game was the art style. I worked in Piskel to create the environment. Everything from the rotating Earth in space to the space ships the player controls and fights. The ship that the player controls have animations of it moving up and down and can shoot projectiles at the enemy ships.

I added in a UI explaining the controls in the start menu. The player will be able to fly the ship, shoot lasers that destroy enemy ships, and dodge incoming lasers. The secondary focus for this game was the sound. The main goal of the sounds in the game were to add intensity and make the game feel more extreme.

Iterative Poem

Iterative Poem JPG

Artist Statement

For this game, I decided to create a website that made a game out of creating a poem. The way that I would work is that the user would click the screen to have a random word drop and there would be a select number of words. Then the user could press the dice to shuffle the words around.